A meeting between young people for change: the first meeting of the project “EDU2030: Youth in transition” took place in Tirana, promoted by the National Youth Agency, thanks to the use of European funds and which Io, noi – ODV is the leader. An exeptional setting was the background of the event: the site of Tirana Youth Capital 2022, entitled by the European Youth Forum.

At the meeting, in addition to the National Youth Congress of Albania which hosted this first conference, parteciped several partners from Albania Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Romania and Latvia. “We are proud of the start of this project – said Daniele Quilli of the lead body Io, Noi – ODV -. We have worked with young people who wish to take an active part in the change and who have proposed many ideas to implement it, pursuing a common goal”.

“A unique privilege to be able to start here in the prestigious setting of Tirana European Youth Capital 2022 – underlined Daniele Taurino from Io, Noi- Odv -. A first step to achieve a great result: the construction of a more just, peaceful and inclusive transition model”.

During the first meeting, that took place on 5th and 6th april 2022, was presented the project and its mission: establish a transnational alliance between communities of young people committed to being critical agents of change. The voices of young people must become critical agents of change and contribute to the design of policies that ensure a more equal society. The period of emergency we are still going through has, in fact, made the links between young people and institutions increasingly fragile: young people must be educated to build their future and become an active part of both political and social activity. This project was, in fact, conceived in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic but was conceived from a post-Covid perspective: young people of all categories, even the most fragile ones, can do something to change the state of things, to a more sustainable future and for a society in which the rights of all are respected, even the most marginalized.

During the event, started the exchange of good practices for the realization of all this. The motivations and beliefs that gave life to the project were also explored: promoting open and distance learning, aimed at developing key competences and green skills in identifying the objectives and principles of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

On the first day of the meeting, starting from the presentation of the partners and participants, the activity plan was presented, with the division of the related tasks and activities to be carried out, to then present the project calendar and outline what will be the next steps.

During the second day, with the modules “Hinges of the Transition” and “Guideline”, in particular we focused on the importance of intertwining local activities, to make them work in synergy. The meeting ended with the delivery of project certificates and with a group dinner.

The “EDU2030” project believes that: young people have the ability, creativity and passion to build a Europe without inequalities and environmental damage. But to do this, the voice of young people must be properly included in the negotiations and become part of a more democratic process. Above all, the access of youth organizations and young people to education and information on sustainable development is fundamental, for the construction of a common framework of values for the new post-Covid-19 world.

All of this with the aim of helping to integrate the principle of sustainable development into the decision-making process of countries; provide innovative youth-led tools on a just and equitable transition, accessible to grassroots organizations; establish a transnational alliance between local communities of young people committed to being “critical agents of change”.

At its conclusion, “Edu2030: Youth in transition” will produce 3 tangible results:

  • The production of a handbook, aimed at Associations, with pertinent references to examples of good and / or good practices
  • Mooc: a remote educational resource made up of online courses made available to young people
  • Guidelines: aimed at the Institutions with the aim of supporting and guiding how to organize the meaningful participation of young people.

The next meeting of the Edu2030 project will take place from 18 to 20 July 2022 in Fiumicino (Rome): 3 full days of activities and training, which will involve 21 or more participants, with workshops and non-formal methodologies that will have the aim of increasing the skills and knowledge in cross-sector sustainability, as well as to experience the emotional rewards associated with a greater commitment to learning and sharing the sustainable development goals among the countries involved.


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